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A good portion of our Immigration lawyer Long Beach practice is the preparation of Waivers for those who are inadmissible and cannot adjust their status to Permanent Resident without a waiver: For a person who is living in the United States illegally, an I-601 waiver is often the only means to overcome their unlawful status.

Everyone from Mexico living in the US illegally who is either married to a US citizen or US Permanent Resident, or who has a parent who is either a US citizen or a US Permanent Resident, or is the fiancée of a US citizen, should consider this process. (Those from other countries should also consider the process although the time required being outside the US is longer.)

If your personal profile is that of a hard-working, tax-paying person with no criminal convictions, or a young person who is attending college, there is a very strong likelihood that you can be approved for US Permanent Resident status and come out of the shadow of illegal status. The entire process can take up to a year during which time you will remain in the US. When you receive your interview notice you will have to depart the US and go to Ciudad Juarez for your interview if you are from Mexico. After your interview you will receive a decision within a period of 12 weeks and if your case is "clearly approvable" may have to stay in Mexico no longer than that. Our cases come from all around the world. Click the following link for more information about USCIS waiver processing times in other countries.

Waivers of Inadmissibility due to unlawful presence in the US (I-601): If your spouse or son or daughter has been living in the United States illegally and wishes to acquire Permanent Residency, we can assist

Waivers of inadmissibility due to fraud or misrepresentation (I-601): If you have been found to have made a material misrepresentation while applying for an immigration benefit of applying for entery into the United States you will be required to apply for this kind of waiver.

Waivers of inadmissibility for certain criminal convictions (I-601): Only some kinds of criminal convictions may be waived.  Contact our office to evaluate your situation.

Waiver for the Requirement of a Joint Application to Remove Conditions on your Permanent Residency (I-751): If yours is a bona fide marriage but now are getting divorced or were subject to extreme cruelty by your spouse, you are eligible for a waiver

Family Petitions for spouses, children, parents, siblings: U.S. citizens may petition for spouses, parents, children and siblings. Permanent residents may petition for spouses and children (I-130).

Adjustment of Status to Lawful Permanent Resident while here in the United States (I-485)

Petitions for Fiance(e)s of US citizens (K-1 visa): Available if you are planning to marry a United States citizen

Adoption-Inter-Country: New rules for Hague Convention countries are in effect so before you proceed with an adoption in a foreign country, be sure that you know the rules

Adoption in California: If you wish to adopt a relative, they may qualify for immigration benefits

Naturalization and Citizenship: spouses of US citizens are eligible after 3 years of residency, all others after 5 years of residency; special rules for the military, and there are waivers of some of English language requirement for those who have been residents for a substantial amount of time

Application for Permission to Re-enter the United States after Deportation (I-212):

Effects of criminal convictions on your case: Be sure that before you file for Residency or Citizenship you won't be denied and put into Removal Proceedings (deportation)

Permanent Visas

Extraordinary Ability Priority Worker Petitions (EB-1a): Normally an applicant must have a job offer and the potential employer must complete the labor certification process. Where an applicant can document their extraordinary ability in a designated field, the job offer and labor certification is not required.

Outstanding Professors and Researchers (EB-1b): Individuals in this category can petition for permanent residency without having to go through the time consuming labor certification process.

Exceptional Ability or Advanced Degree Professional with a National Interest Waiver (EB-2): Normally an applicant must have a job offer and the potential employer must complete the labor certification process. In cases where an individual can show that his entry is in the national interest, the job offer and labor certification requirements can be waived.

Employment-based (Employer sponsored) Permanent Residency: PERM Labor Certifications (EB-2, EB-3), Worker Petitions and applications for green cards

Pre-Certified Labor Certification for Healthcare Workers: Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists (EB-3 Schedule A)

PERM Labor Certification for Professionals, Skilled Workers:

Permanent Visas for Religious Workers : ministers, monks, priests, and other clergy (EB-4)

Employment Creation Permanent Investor visas (EB-5): For investors in new commercial enterprises who create employment for ten individuals.

U.S. Embassy Consular Visa Processing: Applications, communication with Consulate Officers and Assistance for interviews

Third-Country Visa Processing: Representation at a Consulate in Mexico or Canada, or elsewhere

Asylum: Persons with a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion may be eligible to apply for asylum status in the U.S.

Temporary Visas:

B-1 Temporary Visitors: Temporary visas that allow visits to the U.S. for 6 months or less for purposes of business or pleasure.

E-1 and E-2 Nonimmigrant visa through trade or investment: A nonimmigrant visa for investors and traders and their employees may be distributed to work for their businesses in the U.S. if their home country has a treaty with the U.S.

E-3 for professional workers from Australia

F-1 or M-1 Student Visa: Those seeking to pursue a full course of study at school may be eligible for a visa for the duration of their study. Study can be academic or vocational/nonacademic.

H-1B professional worker Visa: Professional workers with at least a bachelor's degree ( or its equivalent work experience) may be eligible for a non-immigrant visa if their employer's can demonstrate that they are to be paid at least the prevailing wage for the position.

J Visa for au pairs, trainees, physicians: J-1 programs often cover students, short-term scholars, business trainees, teachers, professors and research scholars, specialists, international visitors, government visitors, camp counselors and au pairs.

K-1 and K-3 Fiance' Visa: A Fiance of a U.S. citizen is eligible for a non-immigrant visa conditioned on the conclusion of the marriage within 90 days; or for someone already married who wants to arrive more quickly that wih an immigrant visa

L-1 Intracompany Transfer Visas: L-1 visas are available to managers, executives and specialized knowledge employees transferring to their employer's U.S. affiliate.

O-1 Extraordinary Ability Worker Visas : The O-1 category is set aside for foreign nationals with extraordinary ability. This includes entertainers, athletes, scientists, and businesspersons.

P-1 Artist and Entertainer Visas: This category covers athletes, artists and entertainers.

P-3 Culturally Unique Artists and Entertainers: this category covers a wide range of activity

Q International Cultural Exchange Visa

R-1 Temporary Religious Worker Visas: Religious workers who have no experience or wish to stay for only a few years may be eligible for an R-1 Visa.

TN Visa for Canadians and Mexicans: A special catergory has been set up for nationals of Canada and Mexico under the provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement, for professional workers.

U Visas: for victims of certain qualifying criminal activity who cooperate in the investigation or prosection.

NACARA applications

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) relief for battered spouses and children


Deportation/Removal Proceedings- Defense

Business Formation

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